What are the Hours of Opperation: We are open 9-5 Monday through Friday. Orders placed after 2pm on Friday's will be shipped Monday.
Who are the Owners: Roland and Lynell
How long have they been is Business: Roland has been in business for over 35 years. He used to go under the name of Roland V. Tapp Imports.
What is Ronell's Mission: We're a small family-owned company and our goal is to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell.

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Do you have a minimum order:  No.


Do you have a walk-in storefront: No, we only have a shipping warehouse.


Do you repair clocks: No.

Do you sell complete clocks: No, we occasionally have some complete clocks under the closeout section of our website. 

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Do you ship internationally: Yes, shipping is determined after the order is placed. If you need a quote, please email us the item numbers and quantities.


How do I order a Ronell catalog: Email us your address and we can mail you a paper copy. We do not charge for our catalogs. The catalog is also available on our website as a downloadable PDF file: http://www.ronellclock.com/downloadlogin.sc?invoiceId=0000007830&accessId=n9er4fdthcmx Click this link and you will be able to download the catalog.

Click on this link to order a catalog: http://www.ronellclock.com/searchquick-submit.sc?keywords=CAT
Catalogs are free and when you buy just a catalog on our website you'll need to check out with the payment option of "Print and Call". You won't receive a call, we'll just get your catalog out to you without you having to enter a credit card number.


Can I Turn The Clock Hands Counter-clockwise: No, this will strip the gears and void any warranty available on the movement.


How do I know what shaft length to use: The shaft of the movement must be 1/16" to 1/8" longer than the thickness of the mounting surface.


Do I need to use a second hand: Most quarts movements have the ability to run a second hand. It is your choice to use one or not. If you feel the step second motion would be a distraction then don't use one. A special closed nut is available to cover the small hole showing when a second hand is not used.


Can I Turn The Clock Hands Counter-clockwise: No, this will strip the gears and void any warranty that comes with the movement.



My clock hands are bent, what do I do: The clock hands are easily bent; carefully bend them back to the correct shape. They should not touch each other when working.


If I give you the brand and model number of my broken clock can you help me repair it: Probably not. We deal only in the latest battery operated quartz movements. While it may be possible to use one of our movements to repair your clock, we have no way of telling because we can not reference the brand and model number of your clock to determine what you may need.


How do I replace a battery operated movement in my broken clock: The first step is to remove the old movement from your clock. Remove the clock hands first by gently pulling them off. Sometimes the minute hand is held in place by a cap nut. Just unscrew it and continue to remove the hands. The movement itself is normally held in place by a hex nut on the hand shaft, or it can "snap in" which means it is being held in place by little plastic "fingers". Either unscrew the hex nut to remove or just pry away from the case until snaps free.

The next step is to determine the size of the movement you have. The most important dimension is the shaft length. If your movement was held in place by a hex nut, then you need to measure the height of the threaded portion of the shaft that the hex nut was mounted to. This is referred to as the threaded shaft length.If your movement was a "snap in", then just measure the overall shaft length.

Now that you know the critical dimension of your movement, look in the movement section of our web site to find a movement that suits your needs and budget. Please remember that the old hands from your movement may not fit the new movement. Hour and minute hands are included free with movements, so pick out a pair when you order.


What is the Return Policy:
PLEASE OPEN THE PACKAGE AND INSPECT YOUR MERCHANDISE AS SOON AS YOU GET IT. If within 10 days after receipt of your order you are not completely satisfied, return your purchase and we will exchange it or promptly refund your money.
Please make sure you double check orders before finalizing them.
We do not refund shipping for items ordered in error.
We do not accept returned merchandise that has been modified or altered from its original design.
If returning, Please include the following:
Your Name
Address and Phone Number
A Copy of the Invoice Receipt
A Brief Note Stating Reson for Return and What you'd like to do

We are making updates to our website daily. Please feel free to let us know if we should improve our customer service or our website in any way.

What is the Back Orders Policy:
We do not cancel back orders unless customers request or unless we know that the product will not be in stock in a reasonable amount of time. If we cancel an item on an invoice, we always leave a note at the top of the invoice stating that the item was cancelled.

When back ordered items come in, we ship automatically if it has been less than a month. If the item has been on back order longer than a month we always try to call customers to make sure they still want them.
We do not charge the handling fee on back orders but we do charge true shipping cost.
If you do not want items to be back ordered, we can cancel all items that are out of stock and you can order them at a later date. Please let us know at the time you order what your preference is for back ordered items.



Quarts Non-Pendulum Movement Instructions: