High Torque Dual Pendulum Clock Movement - Runs up to 15" Hands

High Torque Dual Pendulum Clock Movement - Runs up to 15" Hands
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  • Item #: MTP-15

*Will NOT Run Hands Larger Than 15"*  


  • Case Size: 2-1/4"W x 4-1/4"H x 5/8"D
  • Shaft Diameter: 5/16"
  • Choose from 2 Shaft Lengths: Small - 3/8" threaded length, 7/8" overall | Long - 11/16" threaded length, 1-1/8" overall
  • Extended 'I' Shaft for extra spacing between hands to prevent rubbing
  • Rear Hand Set Knob
  • Requires 1 'AA' battery (not included)
  • Includes all mounting hardware (wall hanger available upon request)
  • Comes with a 16" adjustable pendulum rod and your choice of a 2-1/8", 2-3/4" or 3-1/2" bob. The rod is perforated every 1" on the back so you can bend and snap it to the length you need before sliding on the bob.
  • Capable of running up to a 27" Battery Pendulum. 
  • This is a dual pendulum or double rocker movement so you can put a decorative item on top that rocks back and forth while swinging a pendulum below (see example picture).
  • Hour and minute hands sold separately
  • Sweep second hands are sold separately and can be purchased at the following links: Regular Size Sweeps, Large Sweeps, Promotional Sweeps.


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