Book 9: German Clocks by Steven Conover

Book 9: German Clocks by Steven Conover
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New Item! This is another wonderfully helpful book by Steven G. Conover. It covers older German wall & mantle clocks by Gustav Becker, Junghans, Hamburg-American and others; Modern German wall & mantle movements by Hermle, Urgos, Kieninger, Gebr. Jauch, and Schatz; Cuckoo clocks and 400-Day Anniversary Clocks!!

It is organized into 4 chapters covering several types of German clocks. Chapter 1: Older German Wall & Mantle Clocks, covers late 19th and early 20th century German movements. Chapter 2: Modern-Era German Movements, provdes repair information on wall and mantel clock movements from the second half of the 20th century, as produced by Hermle, Urgos, Jauch and others. These modern German movements were cased and sold as complete clocks by American companies such as Howard Miller and Ridgeway. Chapter 3: Cuckoo Clocks, describes a group of clocks loved by their owners, yet avoided by some repairers. Most cuckoo clocks were designed to run one day on a winding, with a cuckoo bird figure appearing every hour. Some cuckoo clocks had complications such as music boxes and miniature whirling figures in colorful German costumes. Chapter 4: 400-Day Clocks, covers a style of German table clocks that was manufactured in the millions in the 2nd half of the 20th century. Please note that Grandfather clocks with German movements, whether modern-era or older, are covered in BOOK 4 Grandfather Clocks in the authors series.

178 pages with 321 illustrations. Comb bound with plastic cover.

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