9" Vintage Gibraltar Metal Clock Dial - Closeout

9" Vintage Gibraltar Metal Clock Dial - Closeout
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This is a used 9" diameter metal clock dial with black Arabic numerals and an off-white background. We are not sure of the age but it could be from the early 1900's since the numbers & markings appear to be hand painted on. Made in the USA. It has some rust and discoloration and needs restoration or you could leave it for an antique look. There are 3 very small square holes that would have been for mounting screws (see picture with arrows). The bottom two are approx. 3-5/8" apart (from the center of one to the center of the other). The center hole, for the shaft of your movement, is 7.7mm in diameter. There is also another round hole right above it that would have been for a small second hand. This dial could be used with any type of clock (battery or mechanical) but some modification may be necessary.

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