400-Day Torsion Beat Calibrator

400-Day Torsion Beat Calibrator
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  • Item #: TL-09

Permanently attaches quickly and easily to the suspension wire, giving precision beat control by allowing fork adjustments 1/1000 of an inch or less.
It eliminates the trial and error inherent in saddle adjustment for final fine tuning.
Precision beat calibration creating more power, energy efficiency, longer running times and flutter resistance, regardless of all variables like suspension spring strength, mainspring torque, and pendulum weight.
The Calibrator gives such accuracy that it becomes a diagnostic tool, ruling out the beat as the cause of the clock stopping.
Cuts hours of adjustment time to minutes and allows the clock to be moved without ruining the beat, thus curtailing customer returns.
Fits into any 400-day clock (minor modification may be necessary in rare cases).
Comes with easy to follow instructions and diagrams.

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