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This is a Vienna Regulator dial. It was new but has some damage from shipping. There is either slight rub marks or tiny dents. None of the paint is missing and the imperfections are not easily noticeable. Measures approx. 4-3/4" in diameter. The distance between the two winding holes (toward bottom of dial) is 2-1/4" (measurement is from the center of the left one to the center of the right one). The distance from either winding hole to the center shaft hole is approx. 1-5/16". This dial is for mechanical movements only. The hole for the center shaft on your movement is only 7.6mm. The four feet on the back are for mounting through the holes in the metal plates of your movement. The two top feet are 3-1/16" apart (center of left foot to center of right foot). The two bottom feet are 2-3/8" apart. Please make sure this dial will work with your movement before ordering.

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