The Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking Training Manual

The Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking Training Manual
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By The Bulova School of Watchmaking. 100's of black and white photos and how-to diagrams. The school, founded in 1945, created this training manual to creat jobs for disabled veterans after WW2. Repair details for early Bulova watches through approx. 1970's. Units include: Primary training; Staking balance staff; Truing balance wheels; Basic turning; Stem making; Burnishing balance pivots; Poising balance wheels; Hairspring vibration; Overcoiling; Watch assemble; Mainspring barrel assembly; Friction jeweling; Wheel train assembly; Escapement and how to repair; Escapement height relationship checks; escapment horizontal relationship checks; Terminology; Finishing; general repair information, Bulova 13AH chronograph functions, assembly/disassembly. Charts on heat trating processes; Hardening quenches, Tempering effects; Decimal and millimeter equivalency chart. 18 months of training in one book.
344 Pages. 9x11"

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